Images relating to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary
of the execution of the first electronically stored computer program.

Manchester University
June 1998



The Electrical Engineering Department building where the
baby and the University Mark I were built

The commemorative plaque

The "MAGNETISM" room in 1948

The same room in use by the  

"The Age &Cognitive Performance Research Centre"
June 1998


The original engineers
June 1998

Geoff Tootill, Dai Edwards, Laurie Allard
Tommy Thomas, Tom Kilburn, Alec Robinson

Tommy, Geoff, Tom and Dick Grimsdale
June 1998
in the room they used for developing the magnetic drums
for the Mark I and the transistor machine

The replica of the "baby" now installed at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

The "baby" replica with the pioneers who built the original machine on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the original machine 21st June 1998.

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Tommy Thomas 11 October 1999

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